Administrative – Operations

Administrative - Operations

Highlights: This section is meant to provide the latest information on school-based telehealth from a non-clinical perspective. In school-based telehealth, the person typically charged with collecting information to start a school-based program and set up the policies and procedures is in some sort of administrative role (Administrative assistant, manager, etc), though some clinicians do so as well.

The Administrative role is often tasked with learning all about school-based telehealth in order to draft proposals, create business plans, apply for grants and set up policies and procedures. The Administrative person will need to know what is required legally, ethically, technically and operationally to create and run a profitable practice.

Know that while each school-based telehealth practice shares common elements almost all of them are implemented in different ways. With that in mind, you may find checklists, guidelines and best practices that need to be understood and applied to the environment or service offering.